Thursday, 28 February 2013

Opening of new performing arts space. The garden of knowledge and LOVE. Keops Guerrero. C.C. Les Corts. Barcelona, Spain. November 2012

Inauguración del espacio aéreo del Centro Cívico Les Corts from Ibs IA on Vimeo.

Opening of the new function space for performing scenic arts, training at cultural center in Les Corts, with fragments from dance, theater and aereal performances: "The garden of knowledge" and "LOVE".
Company: Nin-Yo Performance.
General Direction: Keops Guerrero.
Artístic Direction: Alejandro Jorge Lento.
Performers: Anais Duval, Esmeralda Elizalde, Erika Fichera, Keops Guerrero, Miguel Jiménez and Alejandro Jorge Lento.
Special guests: Lady Bon Bon and María Dolores Bastarda. 

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Bombolleta. Scenic Fairy tale. Keops Guerrero. Barcelona, Spain. November 2012.

Bombolleta is the daughter of a fairy and an elf responsible for creating the bubbles that travel and entertain children and adults. Her mission is to give life and soul to form these worlds ephemeral and so transparent that create such magic and wonder who plays them.

Fairy tale brought to the scene through contemporary dance and other supporting elements such as aerial acrobatics and physical theater.
Artwork created for the project to the interrelationship between the school and the professional world of dance "Dansa XIVa P4 Editing" at the Cultural Center Auditorium Les Corts. November 2012. Barcelona, Spain.
Direction and Choreography: Keops Guerrero.
Artistic Direction: Alejandro Jorge Lento.
Performers: Esmeralda Elizalde, Keops Guerrero, Miguel Jiménez y Alejandro Jorge Lento.
Production: Nin-Yo Performance.
Dance performance for kids between 3 and 12 years old.
Keops Guerrero
Nin-Yo Performance.

The Virginia's shadow. Stage performance. Keops Guerrero. Czech Republic. Cervantes Institute (Spain). May 2012

The Virginia's shadow

stage performance

The Virginia's shadow

Stage performance

For the second consecutive year the Spanish Culture Days will host a show of actress Esmeralda Elizalde and his company Habitantas Collective. Again, the company seeks to combat stage solutions of women in a society based on patriarchal thinking. In his new project The Virginia's shadow, involving the actress and dancer Keops Guerrero (Nin-Yo Performance), mixing drama with dance performance.
After ten years of self-exile abroad, Virginia travels through memories and letters written to his parents never sent, that describes a person who always wanted to be: Damiana, his alter ego.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Routes and Arts. Architectural performance. Keops Guerrero. C.C. Parc Sandaru. Barcelona, Spain. September 2012.

Friday 14 september 2012

After carrying out an artist residency Roots & Routes Barcelona 2011, various performing artists displayed instantly and adapting the architectural space proposed by the Centre Civic Parc Sandaru some of the work they have done to one and a half to complete this residence .
Nin-Yo Performance
Roots & Routes Barcelona
Civic Centre Parc Sandaru

Routes and Arts
Direction: Keops Guerrero and Ruben quasi.
Marisol Cordero
Irene Alfambra
Anna Carone
Vueltaabajo Theatre
Beatriz Contreras
Esmeralda Elizalde
Who's that girl
Miguel Jimenez

Centre Civic Parc Sandaru
C / Bonaventura Muñoz 21 esq. Napols.
Arc de Triomf Metro Line 1 (red)
Hours: 5:30 to 21:00 hrs.
Free admission

Show Time
17:30 to 19:00 Making off-Roots.
Break the silence.
Vieoclips (2, Irene and JC).

19:00 to 19:10 Le journal
(Mimo body)
Anna Carone.
This is a piece of modern mime repertoire,
the piece was created from an improvisation guided by Etienne Decroux.

19:15 to 19:30 Medusa
Keops Guerrero and Miguel Jimenez.
The patriarchal vision which is built on the ideology, religion, politics, etc. West, upsets and undermines the self and its male-female duality, which not only refers to biological gender.
In this exercise we try to balance this situation choreography, within which the war between the sexes kills two and defines a real evolution and transcendence of being.

From 19:35 to 19:50 Cronopios and Famas (Theatre)
Vueltabajo Theatre.
A trip between the words of Julio Cortázar.
Different styles of physical theater bring to life a dream piece that explores the nuances of human hopes.

19:55 to 20:35 Hábito
(Multimedia and dance)
Ruben quasi and Marisol Cordero.

20:40 to 20:55 Multimedia
Beatriz Contreras.21: 00 to 21:15
What's that laughing policeman?
(With Dance Theatre)
Irene Alfambra
Story part of the book Daughters of Erin: Voices of Women in Northern Ireland, by Silvia Calamati where by female voices, told different stories that construct the events that led to the conflict in Northern Ireland during second half of the twentieth century.

Consciousness and creation in motion workshop. Keops Guerrero. Cancún and Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico. August 2012

Consciousness and creation in motion workshop.

By: Keops Guerrero
Consciousness and creation in motion.
Dance Workshop aimed at dancers, actors, acrobats, performing artists and all those wishing to enter research anatomical body composition and shapes and structures that make up the three-dimensional space.
Since I returned to live in Barcelona three years ago, I've been researching and deepen through my own body and my own time on the body-energy-space. On the bases from shamanic up investigations kinesiológics precepts, including the study of the methodology Laban, I discovered that despite physical generalities that identify us humans, every body, every mind, every soul is a universe to explore; is the responsibility of each of us immerse ourselves in recognizing and creating awareness of our being.
This workshop aims to provide the basic tools needed to start a personal quest not only to the consciousness of this body-space-time-energy but with the ability to build and create infinite through knowledge. In this workshop-laboratory is not improvised, is investigated.
Thanks to the effort of the actress, Gina Saldaña, it was possible to give this course in the premises of the House of Culture of Cancun, hoping that this meeting will open a dialogue on how to recognize, to express and be in theater, Also hopefully build bridges between ideas and actions that transcend art movement.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Love. Dance and aerial acrobatic. Keops Guerrero. Barcelona Spain. January 2012

LOVE from Carolina León (Katártika Co) on Vimeo.

     Dance and aerial acrobatics based on the perspective of love in teenage. Artwork created under the residence scenic arts groups given by the Cultural Centre Les Corts. Released in February 2012 and inserted under the "Arts and culture in education", managed by the same institution.
     Rock is the expression of an intra-subjective meaning of change, of confrontation, of questioning, of freedom and hedonism, ultimately disobedience, all conflicting elements of order, stability, and brake obsequious preaching priestly tradition and adults, meaning that serves as a tool to interpret car limbo generation to become generational taxable person, the rock responds in this way to a period of repression-both formal and internal rules, as even his appearance was not available a shared identity that involved symbols and emotions in youth.
    In this show called "LOVE", we combine the sense rebel rock with pure, vibrant feeling the love, we present several paintings that speak of the different situations that can live a teenager falling in love in this life stage. Each dancer brings a lived experience, from which is created a dance piece and aerobatics accompanied by rock music.
General Direction and choreography: Keops Guerrero
Artistic Direction: Alejandro Jorge Lento
Performers: Jana Cortés, Anais Duval, Esmeralda Elizalde, Gemma Escobar, Carlos Gelabert, Miguel Jiménez, Alejandro Jorge Lento and Keops Guerrero.
Theatrical Lighting: Keops Guerrero
Musical Edition: Alejandro Huidobro
Costumes: Alexina and Alejandro Jorge Lento

The Garden of Knowledge. Dance, theater and aereal dance. Keops Guerrero. Barcelona, Spain, November 2011

Nin-Yo Performance
The Garden of Knowledge
Based on the Hans Christian Andersen tale "The Garden of Eden" or "Paradise and temptation" in this adaptation omit gender and social class of the two main characters, called by us Trisha and Onyx, likewise we drew moral and religious concepts, not only at the time, but we intended to create a story that does not limit a trial through the imagination or creativity.
The staging is a work created for children or rather for young minds, taking into account that such a perception has less constructions, social, ethical and moral. The main objective of this work is to provide the child or adult who sees with eyes children, a story that everyone can do their own construction from neutral characters and / or abstract, from the view of life inherent each of us possess. Do not try to give a moral or behavioral advice, present a fact that no real action is good or bad, this action is the power to "decide", and possible consequential, but above all, the power we all have to start again , to start afresh.
The play is narrated by two actors who will take audiences through a journey counted as a story, it appears the four winds of the earth, beings of light and knowledge and the tree of wisdom mainly. The choreographies are executed through the language of contemporary dance and aerial acrobatics at fixed trapeze, fabric and ring.
The garden of knowledge is a work chosen to be created within the residential arts cultural center called by the Les Corts, located at c / Dolors Masferrer 33-35.
General Direction: Keops Guerrero.
Artístic Direction: Alejandro Lento.
Escenic Direction: Alberto Carvalho.
Interpreters: Alberto Carvalho, Jana Cortés, Anais Duval, Esmeralda Elizalde, Gemma Escobar, Keops Guerrero, Carlos Jau, Miguel Jiménez and Alejandro Lento.
First performed on 11/11/11